I am so cold right now

Lately, it has been getting incredibly chilly during the evenings. I have been using my fireplace mostly, but it finally reached the point where I had to crank on the furnace. When the furnace was really struggling, I realized that I forgot to get my HVAC system tune-up. I figured it wasn’t too late so I called up the local HVAC company. They said they could get an HVAC technician to my place the following day. When the HVAC worker finally showed up, I showed him to the HVAC system. I wasn’t even mad that he was late, I just wanted the tune-up so that my furnace would work well. I still didn’t need my furnace to run during the daylight hours, so I was still alright in my house. I also had enough firewood to last me for months if I needed to go that long. Well, the HVAC worker did a great job on the HVAC tune-up. He cleaned everything out really well and said that the furnace should now be running like a champ. When I fired it up to test it out, he was right. That wonderful heating easily flowed from the HVAC vents and I was happy with the service. I even offered the HVAC worker a tip, but he refused. He said he was just happy that my equipment was ready to roll for the winter months. I waited until much later in the evening to crank up the furnace. It’s nice having multiple sources of heating, because you know you’re not going to freeze to death no matter what happens.

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