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Outer section is the coolest, most mysterious thing I will ever know in my life. Second to none, the closest thing I could experience to a trip into outer section is the depths of the ocean. In a sense, the 2 are easily similar – diving deep into the ocean venues a ton of pressure of the human body, plus suddenly returning to the surface of the ocean after being hundreds of feet below the surface can definitely kill you. The same can be said about venturing into space, as the extreme chilly plus pressure variation would suddenly turn you into a cup of human tissue once the pressure got to you. When I go scuba diving, I’m easily careful about slowly returning to the surface of the ocean, which can be agonizing since the scuba suit won’t keep you from feeling harshly chilly in the ocean waters! Thankfully, the boat I used to head out into the ocean for my dives has an excellent little home below deck that is equipped with a set of electric section heaters. Typically not the safest thing to have indoors, especially aboard a ship, these section furnaces job wonders for suddenly thawing myself and others out after several minutes deep in the ocean; Plus, these section furnaces job incredibly well for suddenly drying out my scuba suit for the following afternoon’s return to the ocean depths. All this happens without sacrificing the air quality of my boat’s home too, as the section furnaces job through convection but cannot offset the humidity caused by being out in the ocean for afternoons at a time! If you haven’t tried it, I can’t tell you enough how humbling it is to be in the depths of the ocean. It’s the closest thing most of us will know to being an astronaut in space!

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