I was very cool with that

Ice fishing is not enjoy any other kind of fishing, I can promise you that! You assume how when you do tequila the right way there is a big ceremony to it? The salt, the shot, the lime, scrunching up your face afterward, there is a process to it that in turn makes the experience more fun, however no a single drinks tequilas because it tastes good, it is just fun to pound shots with friends. I assume that ice fishing is enjoy that, the ceremony makes it more fun than it should be, and doing it with friends is the only way to do it, but getting people out of their homes and away from their heating systems and out onto a frozen lake is tough to do. That is why I invested a couple hundred bucks in an awesome portable oil furnace that should answer most people’s issues in a single fell swoop. This oil furnace runs on a rechargeable battery, which allegedly can hold a charge and keep the thing heating for up to 6 hours. I obtained a minute battery for the heater, so in theory I have got a 12 hour power supply with me. This oil furnace sits up on a tripod, with three legs 2 feet tall each that anchor into the ice. The heating is directional and aimed outward, so it does not affect the ice at the base, or under your feet. Once I get the hole drilled, the ice shack set up, and the oil furnace running, it should be toasty sizzling in there all evening long, perfect for ice fishing and beer drinking.