That’s not my job

Since I’ve been running a bed and dinner out of our beach cabin here at the coast, I’ve had to make a lot of decisions. It’s been interesting, no doubt. Meeting all of these current people and genuinely being a waiter full-time has been a roller coaster of a ride. I’ve had to make decorating decisions, advertising decisions, culinary decisions, and service decisions. But I believe that the best decision that I’ve made so far was the decision to put zone control HVAC in all of my guest rooms upstairs. I have more than five living rooms in the upstairs space of my cabin that I rent out to guests. Before I had zone control HVAC installed up there, the control unit situation around here was a evening mare. Every one of us would have five or more than five guests here at a time, and every a single of them would seem to want the control unit to be set at a different temperature! And you entirely can’t please everybody all of the time. My Grandmother used to say that, but now that I own a B&B, I believe that it’s the fair truth! One person would be cold and begging myself and others to turn the gas furnace on, while just down the hall, another guest would be burning up and asking if all of us could turn on the air conditioning! And since I want all of my guests to be glad and to make a return trip sometime in the future, the zone control HVAC was entirely the only way to go. It’s made my life so much easier, and I only wish I had done it before I ever opened up for business!

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