I am a little bit confused

My Aunt Cathleen has been having a bad time with his heating & air conditioning idea lately, however he lives in a pretty large cabin out in the country. It’s not absolutely an outdated house, & so his gas gas furnace & his air conditioning idea aren’t absolutely that old. They absolutely shouldn’t be giving his much of a complication but lately she’s been living a real Heating, Ventilation & A/C nightmare. It seems adore his heating & his air conditioning are just switching sites or something. She says that when he adjusts his temperature control in the morning, the exact opposite of what he thinks is going to happen is absolutely what ends up happening. So if the temperature is too hot outside, she’ll turn the A/C on in the house. But he says that the air that comes out of the air vents feels adore it’s from the heating idea instead of from the air conditioning! And then the opposite is also true for Cathleen’s Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. If the weather is freezing outside & the temperature is getting too cold, he will go to the temperature control & turn on the gas furnace. Well, he expects the oil gas furnace to kick in & heat up his house, of course. But he says that what happens with the heating is that the air that comes out of the ventilation idea feels just adore cooling air from the A/C! Poor Cathleen. She’s undoubtedly confused about the whole thing & doesn’t understand what in the world would make his Heating, Ventilation & A/C idea behave this way! I told his he might as well just go ahead & call the heating & air conditioning company because this isn’t something that’s just going to fix itself!

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