That is just what I wanted

The last six weeks have been tough. The supplier I work for shuttered with no notice. I haven’t been able to find a current task that comes anywhere close to what I was making. I had to provide up our apartment. It’s been genuinely hard to have everything go downhill so hastily. At least I have family close by that I could turn to for help. My Grandmother lives right outside of the town on the train line. She let me move in with her until I get back on our feet. My social life is non-existent but at least I’m not hiding from a landlord. I can’t pay her rent yet, so I’m doing work around the site instead. I knocked out a immense wash up of the attic and painting all the rooms. Now I’m helping our Grandmother finally get air conditioning in her house. She’s been using a single window air conditioning unit running at full blast, trying to cool the whole house down. I explained to her there are better air conditioning options that are more energy and cost efficient. We picked out a ductless mini-cut system. The fact that the cooling units are mounted to the inside walls was a plus. There’s no need to route ducts to a central heating and cooling system. This way all the walls I just painted don’t get messed up by HVAC duct installation. The air conditioning supplier that did the work was truly nice to our Grandmother so she felt comfortable signing up for their Heating, Ventilation and A/C maintenance plan. This way, whether I’m there or not, our Grandmother will have someone to rely on to keep her current air conditioning method working perfectly.

HVAC maintenance