I knew that was smart

I had the worst thing happening to our Heating as well as A/C device in the heart of last summer. Every now as well as then, after working for a while the air conditioning would just absolutely turn off. After looking over it, I realized the ac system circuit breaker was stopping and starting. The initial time it happened was while in a windstorm, so I figured that lightning had van nearby as well as caused the breaker to turn on and off. The next time it happened was on a certainly clear, warm morning, so I figured it must be the Heating as well as A/C system itself. The next few times it happened I simply turned it back on, but then I got to pondering. I seemed to remember that breakers are often tripped when an electric overload is detected. I realized there may be something going on with our Heating as well as A/C equipment that could be a fire hazard if not properly handled at all. The afternoons were not getting any chillier, so I called an Heating as well as A/C man out to figure out what on earth was going on with our cooling system. It turned out that a clogged air filter was the main cause of the problem. The fan motor in our heater as well as A/C system was having to work more hours to draw cool air through the dirty air filter. It was having to run more as well as pull on more as well as more electricity as well as thus the ac system circuit breaker remained tripping to prevent an overload.

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