I was okay with that

I have always preferred winter to summer. I really adore the snow and the mountains. It’s so scenic watching my neighborhood get decorated in a pure white blanket. I totally love the colder weather. I have such trusty wintertime coats, that I am hardly ever cold. It also helps to have a very good furnace, which can heat up my home just right. I even have an old-timey fireplace. It is such a good feeling sitting beside the fire on a quiet evening. Often, sitting beside my fireplace and reading a good book, is how I wile away a chilly evening. A fireplace just adds such a perfect ambiance. I know the winter’s up North can be daunting for some, and they escape to live in the south as a result. However, I am happy right where I am. I find the heat of summer the daunting alternative. I can’t go anywhere without excellent A/C. During a super hot summer, I just can’t stand it. Heaven forbid the air conditioning system goes out either. In some places it heats up so much, I would not even be able to go to sleep unless I had powerful climate control. I find, however, in the winter I have the means of getting comfortable. I can break out a few space heaters to fight off the chill. In that regard, my fireplace does a wonderful job. Count me out of staying in a hot climate with bad or no A/C!

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