This is my plan

My sister is a homebody.  I never met someone that is so satisfied with being alone in her home.  I guess I don’t understand because the two of us are completely opposite in this respect.  As soon as I hear of an chance to socialize, meet new people or travel I jump at the opportunity.  She on the other hand has a set routine that she rarely deviates from. Not only is she the poster child for a homebody she takes it to another level and chooses to stay in her kitchen the majority of the time that she is home.  I asked her why she chooses her kitchen over the other rooms in her more than two kitchen cabin and she said it was because of the ductless plan that she had installed. She explained that she uses ductless plan heating and air plan in her kitchen along with traditional Heating & A/C in the other rooms of the house.  The traditional central air conditioner plan sends cool air through the air ducts to all the rooms. With this plan a lot of air can seep out forcing the Heating & A/C plan to labor warder and waste energy. She has found that by combining the more than one that she is able to conserve energy and saving money. During the summer, she keeps the temperature control set at a moderate temperature while she is at work.  But when she is ready for bed she enjoys to sleep with the temperature much cooler. Instead of having to cool the whole cabin she is able to simply turn on the ductless component in her kitchen. The Heating & A/C specialist only took more than one days to install the system. So with the ductless plan she is able to save money and stay satisfied in her cool kitchen.

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