Energy efficiency is very important

There’s not many things worse than the A/C breaking down during the middle of July. It doesn’t matter if you live in the northwest or the southeast, summer weather is usually warm. Unfortunately for my wife and I, we live in the Southeast region. The tropical weather is often hot, humid, and full of blood-sucking bugs. We have bugs bigger than my hand. We have nineteen species of spiders and venomous insects. That isn’t even the worst part about the southeast. The heat is awful, but the humidity makes the heat even more unbearable. Without the A/C, my wife and I would be unable to function everyday. The temperatures starts to rise in early February, and the temperatures don’t cool down until after Thanksgiving. We only have a few months of cool weather. The rest of the time, we have the A/C running hard. My wife and I have a nice Central A/C unit. We had an energy efficient model installed a few years ago, and it still works like a brand new A/C unit. After the energy efficient A/C unit was installed, our monthly energy bills lowered by 15%. Those savings add up over time. We still see monthly savings, and our A/C unit is a few years in age. I’m glad we opted for an energy-efficient model, because we are still saving money each month. My wife and I have a yearly evaluation performed on the A/C unit. It helps to make sure the A/C is running at optimal performance level. I think it’s why we still save money each month.

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