A heat wave in the early spring

When I transferred north to take a new job, I was given very little time to pack up, move and get settled.  Knowing no one in my new location, I went looking for an apartment on Craigslist. There was not much available within my price range, and I was desperate.  I ended up sharing a very old house with a guy named Bob. The house is only a short drive from my job, includes off-street parking and the rent is reasonable.  Unfortunately, everything from the appliances to the furniture is super outdated. My new roommate Bob seems to spend all of his time on the couch, watching television, eating pizza.  He’s a nice guy, super quiet, but sort of a slob. He leaves dirty dishes everywhere, never picks up his dirty laundry, and leaves wet towels on the floor. However, Bob is the only one who can keep the ancient boiler system working.  The boiler installed in the basement is the source for both our hot water and heating supply. We have enormous and ugly radiators in every room that heat the house. The boiler frequently quits and refuses to start up again. Bob then heads to the basement with a hammer and somehow gets it working.  I’m not exactly sure what he does, but I’m grateful. Calling the landlord accomplishes nothing, and I certainly can’t afford to hire a professional HVAC contractor. Since the winter temperatures in this area drop well below freezing, a working boiler is essential. As long as Bob can maintain the heating system, I will clean up after his dirty laundry, dishes and towels without complaint.

furnace tune-up