This is killing me

I was housesitting for my sister the other day, and I broke her window AC. Her little window cooling unit was so annoying. It rattled and clanged together all night long. It kind of sounded like something was caught inside of it. I wanted to take the AC out of the window, clean it and put it back for my sister. I thought she would be so happy to know I did that cooling repair for her. Well, I have never encountered window cooling before. I own central air conditioning that is fitted right on my floor. The window cooling unit was perched very precariously in the window. It was barely fitted into the frame. So, when I opened the window and messed with it, the cooling unit was pushed right out the back. The air conditioner smashed outside in my sister’s lawn. Not only did I have to pick up all the pieces, I had to find somewhere to dispose of the cooling corpse. Now my sister does not have any window air conditioning, and I Need to replace it. I had the idea of buying the same model and style for her. I was then not going to admit I broke hers, but pretend the new AC system was a fixed old one by me. Well, my sister’s model is no longer made anymore it is so old. Also, the sizing of the AC was odd. It was a way smaller sized window cooling. No HVAC business around has window AC that size. It looks like I am going to have to fess up to what I did.

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