I just need a little space

My brother has been particularly working towards being a licensed HVAC professional. In order to get his certification, he has to log in a particular amount of hours in the HVAC industry. He needs to go on HVAC service jobs with an actual licensed contractor, however kind of like student teaching or an internship in the HVAC world. After that, my brother will need to take a lot of tests to prove he has the heating plus cooling know-how to be in the field. Right now though, he has only logged in a few in field hours. My brother however feels he knows a lot about HVAC repairs. Everytime I have him over to my home I cringe inside. I am praying every time that he does not touch my oil furnace or AC unit. I am sure that by the time he is done with the program, he will guess a lot. Right now though, he has a big ego plus no know-how. My brother has messed up my HVAC epically quite a few times. He has taken apart my whole gas furnace plus then put it back wrong. He has damaged the fan blades on my cooling system. He also tried to clean my HVAC duct plus ended up making a hole in it. I dislike to tell him to stay away from my HVAC equipment. But, my brother is just not wonderful enough to handle it yet. He does need practice, but I don’t want to pay for all the mistakes that he makes in my house. The upset section is that he particularly thinks he does a wonderful job.

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