That was just what I wanted

I agree with the saying, “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”. I know people don’t enjoy going through difficult times or major challenges, but I also know we all have to deal with challenges at numerous points in my lives. One of my more challenging periods in my life was when I got a divorce from my ex spouse. She actually took advantage of the situation, and that bothered me. She was the one who cheated on me, yet she got the house, the car, plus my daughter. I got roped in to paying child support and that left me with nothing. I got fed up when she started telling me I wasn’t allowed to see my daughter. That’s when I decided to fight because it wasn’t fair that she was using our child as a pawn. It was quite the battle in court and it cost me a pretty penny. The good thing is, I won and now I have my daughter. With the ridiculous payments towards child support gone, I have been able to get back on my feet for my daughter. I am a heating & A/C specialist so I usually take my child with me on repair calls to teach her the ways of heating and cooling.Everyone enjoys when I bring child with me. Sometimes my clients would offer him sweets, but I didn’t want him to eat too much junk. I wanted him to focus on health and nutrition. As my daughter saw me work, I was so proud when she told me that she wanted to become heating & A/C certified so she could be just like me.

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