I saw so many insects getting inside

For several years, my children begged me to buy them a dog.  They promised to walk, feed and bathe the dog. They swore that the dog would cause me no work whatsoever.  Just six months ago, I finally gave in and we got a dog. He is a mixture of all different breeds, and we rescued him from the local SPCA.  For approximately two weeks, my three children dutifully took care of the dog’s needs. However, the dog sheds like crazy and I found fur everywhere.  It seemed like I was constantly sweeping and vacuuming, yet still I discovered fur on my couch, carpet and clothing. When I checked the air filter of the HVAC system, I found it clogged with fur.  I knew the presence of the dog was impacting our indoor air quality. I contacted my local HVAC contractor for some advice, and he suggested that I change the air filter more frequently and also invest in an air purifier.  As the air passes through the HVAC air handler, the purifier captures all sorts of contaminants, including pet dander, dust, bacteria, fumes, and pollen. The air purifier cleans the air in the entire house about eight times every hour.  Installing the air purifier has not only improved our indoor air quality and cleanliness of the house, but also protects the integrity of the HVAC equipment. I certainly don’t want fur getting inside the furnace or air conditioner and clogging airflow.  This could lead to HVAC repairs, higher energy bills, and diminished comfort. Now that I have the problem of the dog’s fur solved, I need to figure out a way to motivate my children to keep up with the feeding, walking and bathing. After having the dog for two weeks, his care became my responsibility.