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I was recently provided our dream job. I had our last interview yesterday and they finally provided me the job. I had to go through several rounds of interviews and it was very stressful. However, it was all worth it because I got the job! The only thing is I am now going to have to transfer across the country. My new corporation is going to help pay for the move, however it is still going to cost quite of bit of money for me to transfer all of our stuff across the country. I started looking for a home and I think I am going to have to lower expectations. I looked on a bunch of odd websites and the cost of residing in our new town is so expensive. I didn’t expect it to cost so much, so I am going to have to provide up some of the things I have grown to prefer in our new place. One of those things is central air conditioner. All of the places in our price range don’t have central air conditioner, they only have window units. I don’t think this will be a sizable issue, however what am I supposed to do during the Winter months? I might have to invest in a space heater, but I think they are so dangerous. I really wish I could find a place that had central air conditioner but I don’t think that is going to happen. Maybe a single morning I will make enough to have central air conditioner again.

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