Making sure our home is clean

A few weeks ago I was staying at my friend’s house for a few days while my home was getting some renovations done to it.  It was wintertime and the weather outside was bleak, to say the least. That Friday we went out to meet a couple buddies for drinks.  We had a great time, we had a wonderful dinner followed by a few cocktails. It was a perfect night, until we came home that is. We arrived at his house to discover his furnace had quit working.  It was in the low 20s outside and his home was unbearably cold. I was worried, in the area where we live, having your heater breakdown can be downright dangerous. Luckily my friend said that his HVAC provider has a 24/7 emergency service he could call. In half an hour there was a licensed HVAC technician at his house ready to inspect the unit. Evidently there was an issue with my friend’s thermostat, it wasn’t telling the furnace to blow heat. The HVAC technician quickly fixed the issue and heat was restored within the house.  I have an older furnace at my house so I talked with my HVAC provider to make sure there was a HVAC emergency service I could call in case any issue ever arose with my furnace. You don’t know how scary a problem like that is until it happens to you. I am just thankful there are many great HVAC providers in my area. I think all homeowners should have their furnaces inspected annually and they should check to see if there is a HVAC emergency service at their disposal.