This is a fragile system

Since I can remember, my grandmother has always been young and hip.  She always strives to keep up with modern technology. A few months back, her old gas furnace quit working and she knew it was time to invest in a new heater. I was surprised to find out that she installed radiant heating throughout her house.  She had the heated flooring installed throughout all the downstairs rooms and her bedroom. I was amazed at how warm and comfortable her house felt. She told me she was looking for a new heating solution that was efficient. As an older woman, she is on a fixed income.  Heated flooring I learned retains heat for longer periods of time, so her house feels warm all throughout the day. This keeps it efficient and helps keep her utility bills down. She told me compared to her old furnace, her monthly energy bills have almost been cut in half. Installing the heated flooring was a bit expensive she explained, but those costs are made up in no time. Unlike other heating systems that have to travel through ducts, radiant heating is applied directly to the floor.  Grandmother also said that the heat doesn’t rise as much, and there are less cool drafts. Her home feels all around warmer. She also loves the fact that heated flooring doesn’t blow around dust, dirt or other indoor pollutants. I am glad my grandma found a heating solution that will save her money and keep her air quality clean.

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