Relaxing after a long day

There is truly nothing better than walking into a moderate apartment after spending several hours on a highway, stuck in traffic! I went to my place of work 1 Winter day, & all of us got an unexpected snowstorm! Because I live over an hour away from work, I left early to avoid the traffic. I didn’t make it this time, & I was stuck on the highway for at least 3 hours because of traffic accidents & bad drivers. Nonetheless,  when I walked into my house, I was extremely glad I listened to my Heating & A/C worker, as he told myself and others it was time to replace my furnace this past summer. When he initially came to scrub & inspect the furnace, he said it wasn’t energy efficient & it was too seasoned to keep up. After discussing the issue, I installed a state of the art forced air heating system. I then had the Heating & A/C worker install a SMART thermostat. While I was sitting on the highway, I could use my iPhone to turn up the furnace, so it would be as I wanted when I got home. Although the heat in my car was turned up, I was still chilled. As soon as I walked into my house, the chill fell away because my SMART thermostat turned the furnace on, warming the apartment up. I’m not sure how I would have coped if I still had my seasoned Heating & A/C system. After having this furnace system installed & the air duct cleaned, my apartment now feels as if I had a fireplace installed in every room. I was able to get out of my boots & heavy coat & relax after a very long & stressful commute. I am cheerful I listened to my Heating & A/C worker & spent the money I did! This heat is worth every penny & the time spent installing this state of the art heating system. I know now I will never regret it.