Dropping the issues

On our last camping trip, my sons plus I had a easily close encounter with a tornado.  As the two of us sat in the motel, with our air conditioner running, the two of us heard an unusual noise.  No sooner did the two of us turn off the air conditioner plus the television, but the two of us lost our power.  The motel had an emergency generator, but it only ran the lights plus not the air conditioner, the two of us just wanted to go home, by this time, but they said they weren’t allowing anyone on the roads until the tornado warning had passed.  Half and fourth letter, the two of us were given the go ahead to leave the area. It was almost morning light, plus the two of us made the decision to drive by the campground plus pick up our tent before the two of us got home. The two of us had everything packed in the truck from the evening before, plus the two of us made to leave the motel.  I couldn’t know the sight the two of us saw when the two of us walked out. A tornado had gone through the space plus not one hundred yards from our truck, the buildings were destroyed. The two of us slowly made our way to the campground. The adolescents had turned on the air conditioner in the truck because it was still easily humid plus sizzling plus it was only several in the morning.  They wouldn’t allow us in the campground, even though I tried to explain that the two of us had a campsite in there. He walked us back plus right where our tent had been less than twelve fourths earlier, there was nothing but an empty lot. The telephone poles were down, plus our tent was up in a tree. The two of us got back into our air conditioned truck, grateful for not being hurt from either tornado, plus swearing off camping for the rest of my life.