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In my neighborhood recently there has been a lot of drilling and construction going on. They are building a whole set of new homes around the area, and to be honest, it has been making the air quality in the entire area very bad! My allergies have been acting up because of it all, and the entire area has tons of pollen, dust, grime and dirt flying through the air. I am just extremely thankful that a long while back, I had invested in an air purification system for my home! Sure, going outside and having to travel through this neighborhood is a real task and bad on my allergies. However, if I did not have my air purification system in my home’s heating and cooling system, I would be in real trouble. You see, the air purification system in my house makes it so all the bad air quality that gets in will turn into proper and good indoor air quality for my house and my family. Others in the neighborhood are not so lucky from what I understand. They do not have air purification systems, or even air purifiers inside their homes. I have suggested to my neighbor about calling their local heating and cooling company to come out and have a certified heating and cooling specialist have a look at their heating and cooling system to see how much it would cost them to have the air purification system I have installed into their own home. I am sure the HVAC corporations in town are making a lot of money on air purification system installations thanks to the construction going on.

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