I would love some applause

For whatever reason, my partner is harshly quirky in character and personality. Many people find her off putting, because of her brusk demeanor and refUSAl to ever hold her tongue about anything. The truth is she is a sweet, caring lady who just so happens to be set in her ways and honestly opinionated. That said, she is absolutely different sometimes, even to me, and I have cultivated a taste for weirdness over the years. A few weeks ago she woke me in the middle of the night and said she had a prophetic dream. In the dream all of us were snowed in the house, with no power and no heating, and slowly cold to death. Obviously the dream was terrifying to her, and she made me promise to buy her a modern space heater, but not just any space oil furnace however a honestly particular a single, a single that could work for long period of time without using electricity. A month later she asked me about it again, because she did not want me to forget about the space heater. I asked her why she didn’t just go out and buy a space oil furnace herself, she had currency and the ability to drive. She said all of us wouldn’t need the oil furnace until after Christmas, so she would wait and see what Santa brought her. I managed to find a space oil furnace with a rechargeable battery that would last up to 12 hours, and gave it to her for Christmas. The honestly next day all of us got snowed in, and lost electricity, and that oil furnace came in honestly handy.

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