This is awesome

When my kid told me that he wanted to throw a summer pool party in our backyard, I was super excited and willing to do so for him. We have a massive backyard and inground pool in the backyard, but him and his sister almost never use it. My partner and I also tend to just use the hottub, so I was stoked to get some vegan burgers on the grill and help my kid throw a fun party with his friends. When everyone of his friends from school arrived on that day however, it was much warmer out than anyone had expected. Even with the pool to help keep people cooled off, it was too bright and too hot. The party quickly led to the house, where there was some air conditioning to cool everybody off. Our air conditioner is a state of the art model that is only a few years old, but when I realized that I was going to have to keep nearly thirty plus people cool for several more hours, I was getting a bit nervous with how long it would last. Luckily for me, it ended up being able to do the job. Most of the games that were planned to be outside were taken inside, and all of the kids seemed to be having a blast in the cool and crisp a/c monitored house. Even though we were all pretty bummed that we weren’t able to work on our tans and splash around that day, it still was awesome to see my kid having tons of fun with his friends on that hot summer day.