A big reason why

My best friend decided to transfer in with his guy, as well as he asked me to help him transfer all of his furniture. Most of our friends ask me for moving help, because I am the only man with a big truck. I should have thought first, when choosing to be the only one in our group with a truck. It’s almost love a sign that says free moving help. My best friend was moving across town, so all of us knew the transfer would take all afternoon. I arrived to the beach house around 9 in the afternoon. Derek asked me to meet him there, as well as I was a few hours early. Derek arrived shortly after me. His car was full of boxes, tape, as well as other assorted packing materials. I thought Derek already had the boxes packed, as well as I was a little hurt. Derek as well as I walked into his apartment, as well as none of the lights were on. That’s when Derek broke the bad news to me. He said the power was already off. Not only did all of us have to pack without lights, but all of us did not have any air conditioner either. It wasn’t hot as well as scorching outside yet, but it was still early in the afternoon. By the time all of us were done packing boxes, the outdoor temperatures would be a soaring into the 90s. I asked Derek if the new beach house had air conditioner, as well as he shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t sure if the power would be on when all of us arrived, although he said the light company was hopeful. Since all of us did not have any chilly air conditioner, I thought about leaving with an excuse. Unfortunately, Derek is one of our best friends.

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