I found myself a repair

Have you ever made a immense mistake, but didn’t want to admit it?  That is the situation I am in right now and I easily wish I could just run away and escape.  Anything that makes up for the monumental mistake of hiring some woman off that internet place who claimed to be an expert plumber.  Both of us saved for over a year to afford a current Heating and A/C method and all I wanted to do was hire a plumber to put in the supply lines for the baseboard heat.  I never bothered to ask for references or insurance coverage,and now, I am stuck with a botched task that I am responsible for. How could I have been so stupid? My family depended on me to make a nice choice and I should have listened to them.  They wanted me to call a professional plumber and Heating and A/C business to do the replacement although I wanted to save a few bucks. Both of us will now be spending more currency to maintenance the task that the woman did. She easily had no method how to hook up an Heating and A/C method and I would have saved a lot of currency by having a certified serviceman do the task.  My advice to anyone who is purchasing or upgrading your heating or cooling method is to let the business you are purchasing from install it. Even if they don’t have servicemens themselves, they normally contract with qualified people to do the task. Then, it is their reputation on the line so they hire the best that they possibly can. They also cover the insurance costs that will maintenance the problem if the task is not done properly.

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