It is finally the right time

After Christmas, our guys were truly driving myself and others nuts. I told them to bundle up plus go play outside. It was snowing out plus it was cold, but they went out to play. There was just so much excitement from them plus they were fighting over toys plus everything. I thought it was cool that they truly built a snowman while they were out there. When it was starting to get dark, they came back in. They said how nice the oil furnace felt because it was entirely chilly outside. I told all the people to take it simple plus they better not be fighting over their toys plus games. It seems that our guys are consistently bumping heads plus it drives myself and others up the wall sometimes, and got to love them of course but I can’t consistently deal with their nonsense. It was funny watching them warming up their hands at the Heating, Ventilation & A/C vents with the warm air flowing from the oil furnace. They seemed to be incredibly cold. They told myself and others they had a nice time outside plus even had a snowball argument with the village boys. I told them that when I was done with our job the next day, I would help them build a snow fort. They got truly gleeful about that. The next day, as promised I was out there helping them build a truly sizable snow fort. There was truly enough snow for it. All the village guys came out for another sizable snowball argument plus we all had a truly great time. When we came back inside we were once again thankful for the oil furnace plus we warmed up with some warm chocolate that our partner made.

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