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Last week, there was a rash of break-ins in our area. A few houses on my block were burglarized, when my neighbors were away for holiday. The burglars got away with the United States Ends of dollars in electronics and jewelry. They stole flat screen TVs, iPads, iPods, and even rings and Jewelry. The burglars even robbed a few retail stores in the neighboring shopping complex. They broke a window at a video game store, and stole the United States Ends of dollars in video games and video game systems. A local retail a/c store was also burglarized a few weeks ago, and many a/c units were stolen in the process. They also got away with a credit card reader, fax machine, and a personal laptop. The a/c retail store had many uncommon security cameras, however none of them accurately got a picture of someone’s face. They all wore hooded sweatshirts and turned their faces away from the cameras. It was clearly someone with know-how of the store and the security features. Luckily, the owner has all of the serial numbers for these a/c units. They will be easy to track, if someone tries to sell 1. The police have been on the lookout for the culprits responsible for all of the burglaries. The police have been staking out the pawn shops and the flea market. These locales have a list of the stolen items. They were told to contact the police, if they see anything on the list. If anyone tries to sell 1 of those stolen items, they will instantly be arrested.