The cool air kept me happy

I grew up in one of the snowiest areas in the United States. Usually by November, a few inches of snow have already accumulated outside and the snow doesn’t melt away until some time in March! Given the climate I was raised in, I was taught to embrace the joys of winter and snowfall. For example, my parents always took us to go skiing in the winter. Skiing has always been one of my favorite parts of the winter ever since I was little. As I got older, I started to enjoy the cold less and less, but I still made time for a few ski trips each season. Lately, it doesn’t take long at all for me to grow too cold to enjoy the skiing though. The last few times that we went skiing, I have been our cause for every break we’ve taken. After a few hours, my feet start to feel so cold that they go numb. By the afternoon, I was insistent that we took a break for lunch. I have never felt relief like I did that day when I entered the lodge. I took my boots off and sat right beside the heating unit. I had my feet as close to the vent as possible without burning them on the heater’s surfaces. I parked myself in front of the heater for so long that my entire family had already finished their lunches by the time I pulled myself away from the warm air to get myself a meal. Luckily, the heat gave me the push I need to recharge and get back to the slopes. By the end of the afternoon, I was desperate to return to the heat again. Even though I had so much fun on the slopes, I was so happy to get home and enjoy my heating. We had a new furnace installed last winter, so our home is always warm and cozy.

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