We are back together again

My wife enjoys crafting, painting, and drawing. She works a lot, and hardly has any time to enjoy these activities. For her birthday this year, I wanted to do something really special. We have a small room on the second floor, that we use for storage and winter clothing. I’ve been contemplating turning that room into a small craft room and painting studio. I spoke to a few friends in the construction industry, and they agreed to help me complete the project. The biggest issue was getting my wife away from the house. Luckily, her sister assisted me with that. They went to the day spa for six hours, which didn’t leave me much time. I had to install new flooring, and paint the walls. I also purchased a small window HVAC unit for the room. Since the sun constantly shines into this room, I knew it would make a great painting room. The natural light is great for artwork and drawing. Unfortunately, the light makes the room very warm and humid. The window HVAC unit should help with those issues. My friend and I used every bit of those six hours. We were just installing the HVAC unit, when my wife’s sister texted me. They were on the way home, and we needed to make the final touches. When my wife got home and saw the surprise, she cried for an hour. She thought it was the most amazing present she ever received. She was surprised that I kept the secret for so long, because I am horrible at keeping things from her.

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