I am worried

I believe there is something wrong with the temperature control in our house.  Last year, both of us had the temperature control set at sixty-eight & I was never cold.  This year, the temperature control is still at sixty-eight & I am always cold. Actually, if I were being honest, I am shivering  most of the time. My hubby sits around with his flannel shirt on all of the time, & he doesn’t mind the cooler rapidly adjusting temperatures, but now that I am getting older, I mind it more & more.  I try to push the temperature on the temperature control upwards, hoping he doesn’t notice. I tend to mind the cooler rapidly adjusting temperatures in the afternoon, when I’m now working. I’m wondering if it isn’t because I am so sedentary.  I job in our office from home, & I don’t have a lot of room to transport around. I try to get up & walk every half hour, just to keep the blood circulating. I suppose that if I sit more than that, our legs get cold, & then both of us end up with cramps in our legs.  I am still going to blame it on the temperature control. I’m start to believe that maybe both of us need to change the batteries in the temperature control. If the batteries are dying, then the temperature control can’t be now working as well. I will have to fly that one by my.  He’ll still insist it is me, although I believe it is the temperature control. All I have to do is convince him of that. Once I do, he’ll buy me a current temperature control for our office, & I can get back to normal.

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