I may need a service plan

My Parents can leave many to scratch their heads. I just think that they grew up in a odd time, and they have become accustomed to their own methods and ways. I myself have found our kids thinking about our Wife Mary and I the same way, so I understand it a bit. I try not to give them a strenuous time about the way they adore to do things, because I suppose I have particular stubborn practices that I don’t want anyone to force me to not do either. However, occasionally their preferences have me upset about their health. As such, they have had the same house for over 40 years now. By this point, both their cooling system and oil furnace are really shot as well; Living in a Southern weather conditions does alleviate some concerns over them not having a functional central heating system in their home, yet I still do worry about their health when the temperatures get really low. In fact, our partner and I tried an experiment where both of us would go a month without using our central heater. The two of us live around the same area, so our weather conditions are absolutely similar. The two of us did use space oil heating systems as they do, however both of us couldn’t make it more than 3 mornings before both of us caved and turned up our temperature control. Afterward, I went ahead and called our Parents to beg them to look into superior oil heating systems for their home. I even begged them to let us have an HVAC specialist give them an bid on fixing whatever concerns present with their HVAC system. The two of us told them both of us would cover all costs, but, of course, they said they were glad just the way they were!

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