That is not conventional

I think one of the best gifts I received came earlier this year. My husband and I had worked tireless through January and February to save as much money as we can, as we knew we had to get our home’s furnace repaired. Gas furnace maintenance was thought to be extremely expensive, as we knew that simply refilling the reservoir of an oil furnace was unimaginably costly. So, we saved and we saved until we had enough money to pay off my car. Once the heating and air conditioning repair technician came to the house and performed the necessary repairs to our gas furnace, we learned that the bill was actually far less expensive than we believed! Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad we saved too much money. Now, with the hot summer fast approaching, we could use our saved money to improve the air conditioning system for our home! We had always relied on central heating and air conditioning, but our A/C unit was undersized for our home. We still believe the previous owner intentionally bought a cheaper, smaller A/C condenser unit just to avoid using the air conditioning system too often. We knew it had to go, so we began researching alternatives. We thought about ditching the ductwork and the A/C unit altogether, and relying on a ductless mini-split air conditioning system instead. However, we realized that we’d be in the same situation as we were already in. It was decided – we would buy a larger outdoor A/C unit, and that in turn would help us save money by using an appropriate amount of energy to cool the house.