That is the extreme

By mid January, most everyone I know has had their fill of cold weather.  The Holidays are over, school is back in session, and life just takes on a boring existence. My kid sister, Emily and I decided that we really needed something to break up this dreary time of year.  This year we are heading out on a Caribbean cruise to soak up the sun and see exciting places. The trip includes passage on the ship and a two night stay at an island resort. It took most of my savings but I am really looking forward to it. I only have one concern.  I have seen reports of entire cruise ships becoming ill and I want to make sure that we are healthy throughout our time there. I have packed extra hand sanitizer, a spray disinfectant, and even antibacterial wipes to place over the air vents in our cabin. This may sound extreme but I have no way of knowing what the filtration system is like on the ship.  We will be breathing the same air as the rest of the passengers and germs can spread quickly. At least if I place the wipes over the air vents they can help to kill the germs before we breathe them in. Even in your own home you should clean the air vents when you change the filter on your own HVAC system. This will help to keep your home healthy and germ free too. If you happened to have colds or the flu during the time the filter was in place, it may have missed some of the germs or bacteria.  Better safe than sorry.

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