I hated that

I am a constant complainer, if I’m being perfectly clear with you. You can even ask my wife; I’m always telling her that she needs to do this or that and for Pete’s sake, please stop doing, but the thing that really drives me up a wall, however, is her awful habit for mouth breathing. I truly loathe the nasty sound of her inhaling and exhaling, like shes a humidifier. It totally grosses me out. But, as much as I hate the admit it, the past few weeks I have really started to see some benefits of breathing through my mouth; especially when it’s bitterly cold outside and the air is extra dry. It isn’t such a bad idea to keep your breathing contained to your oral pathway. I learned this pretty quickly during this years first few weeks of winter – I typically have an awful infection in my respiratory system at this point in the winter season because as soon as it gets remotely cold, my nose clogs right up and there’s no turning back until it starts to warm up outside. I’ve spent many years wondering how this was possible, how the changing of the seasons results in an instant sinus infection and respiratory illness, and it’s only now that I realize the answer; Cold, dry air passing through my sinuses causes them to dry out and get infected. So now, instead of worrying about putting other people off, I solely focus on breathing through my mouth and keeping my sinuses extra healthy.

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