I’m know for overworking myself

Nearly every weekend, our friends beach house is the location to hang out. Especially while I was in the summer. She is the only 1 in our immense friend group that legitimately has her own house, the rest of us are still stick in the seasoned plus sweaty dorm rooms. This past weekend, instead of just hanging out plus playing poker love every one of us usually do, every one of us decided to throw a big celebration. I thought that hosting a celebration would be super straightforward. All you have to do is make sure there is enough drinks plus that all the people is having a great time. What I didn’t consider is that the proprietor lived just a few streets down from us. After an second or so into the celebration, all the people began to start to sweat plus know super uncomfortable. Some of the people there started yelling who the heck turned of the cooling system, however nobody was even close to the actual unit. My friend plus I went down to the air conditioning device in the basement plus checked the settings. I think the air conditioning device has a feature where she can adjust the cooling system device from her house, plus even shut it off. Apparently she had called the beach house plus demanded that the celebration be shut down. None of her calls had been answered, so she thought that taking the cool air away would be the perfect way to remove all celebration goers. It sure was embarrassing watching all the people leave the celebration sweaty plus in a bad mood. I am pretty sure that every one of us are never going to be able to get our reputation high enough to be able to host a celebration again!

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