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Over the weekend, both of us decided to call a family meeting with the kids. They were all grumbling about not wanting to turn off their video games and tablets, but I said it was either that or everybody would be grounded from their devices. That got all the people’s attention and they came down to the home office for the meeting. The first item of business was to address the kids making a mess in the beach house and in their rooms and not cleaning up. I said that everybody was going to keep the household in pristine condition, or they would face punishment and additional chores. When I was about to get on to the next item of business, that’s when there was a loud crashing noise. I went to the Heating and A/C equipment instantaneously and then checked the control unit. I had to tell everybody to focus on that first item of business in the meeting and both of us would finish at another time. My oldest son said that I already violated the family rule to keep everything in pristine condition. I failed to get the Heating and A/C system service and that was why the Heating and A/C equipment just crashed. I told our son not to get smart, but I was thinking he was right. If both of us all were going to follow the family rules and keep everything in pristine condition and focus on tidiness, both of us all needed to follow the rules. I decided to contact the Heating and A/C supplier and when the Heating and A/C worker arrived, I talked to him about signing up for an Heating and A/C system service plan. The system went through instantaneously, and I was glad that I would be saving a lot of money for our Heating and A/C service and repairs.

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