I made the decision

People often talk about how they hate living in the shadow of a parent or an older sibling. Sure, I can see how it gets old to be constantly compared to a more successful family member, but I’m not always so envious! In fact, I’m humbled and mostly grateful to have someone so close to me that can show me how to be successful in some facet of my life. For me, that person is my dad, as he casts a big shadow. On top of being an accomplished heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional as well as a contractor for other trades, my dad has also been an all-star father with my three siblings and I. I’m glad that he’s so well versed in the HVAC industry, as I can ask him for guidance on simple things from an A/C tune-up, to the purchase of a brand new air conditioning system. Just recently, I asked my father for some input on a decision I had to make in my house. My wife and I were looking to upgrade our old air conditioning system and replace it with something more efficient, but we didn’t want to sacrifice quality as a side effect. Since we live in a dry climate, my dad asked if we had a humidifier built into the current A/C system. We did not have such a thing, so my dad promptly recommended that we invest in an evaporative cooling system instead of a central forced air system. The evaporative cooler provides air that is both cool and humid, which can make the interior of a home feel up to forty degrees cooler! Plus, this happens with a system that only uses a small motor to power an air handler to disperse the cool, moist air into the house. This was the most efficient way we could cool down the house without question! We scheduled a visit from the HVAC supplier that my dad used to work for, and got ourselves ready to experience an upgrade in our air conditioning.

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