Removing some sizzling air

My friend Janie and I went to stay overnight in this aged closed down hospital that’s supposedly haunted, and janie is easily into stuff prefer that and she’s always trying to get myself and others to go on ghost hunts and haunted tours and things prefer that with her. I am the world’s  greatest skeptic, though, and so I also try to get out of it. This was the first time that I ever went to a single of these so-called haunted places before. Joanie had already paid for the night and then the man he was going to go with got sick, so he begged myself and others to go with her. I finally relented and said I would go. I was prepared to get the creeps and maybe to even see some ghostly activity however that wasn’t what happened at all. The worst thing that happened to us there was having to breathe in all of the terrible smells and the awful air quality… Let’s just say that dusty aged hospitals don’t exactly have the greatest air quality in the world, but not to mention the fact that the outside uneven temperatures were easily frosty and they didn’t have a now working heating plan inside the building! I also kept thinking that there might be ghosts or monsters lurking around in the aged creepy heating vents and ductworks there in the ceiling and in the floors. So it easily wasn’t a fun night at all. I told Janie that the next time he tried to trick myself and others into going on a single of these silly things with her, I was going to pack my little kerosene heating system and also take my portable A/C plan with me.

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