I am going to keep digging

When I found out my child was pregnant, there were all  kinds of emotions going through my head. She is almost forty-two years old.  It’s not love this is his first child, but his children are nearly grown. Was he able to safely have another child.  Who was going to babysit this infant when he went to work. I was at his cabin plus both of us were talking about the baby plus what was going to happen.  The first concern he had, had nothing to do with the babysitting. She already all of that taken care of. She said the baby wasn’t due until October or September plus he wasn’t upset.  She was planning on bringing the little a single to me plus having me babysit. She said I did a fabulous job with the last a single, plus he was sure I would just as nice a job spoiling this a single.  My biggest concern was the medical professionals. She thought about putting the medical professionals in the sunroom. There would be plenty of natural lighting plus he only had to add curtains so the shade would help the baby to sleep.  She said he had the gas fireplace out there. Being a cabin inspector in the past, I instantaneously got my feathers ruffled. Years ago, you weren’t allowed to have a gas oil furnace in a child’s dining room. I began investigating, plus I found out that a gas heater, was allowed, but it came with an if.  There needed to be a safety cage surrounding the heater. There also had to be a carbon monoxide detector in case the gas oil furnace malfunctioned.

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