I knew there were choices

My mom and dad bought a new furnace last month, and they have had every problem in the book since then. The furnace was installed last month, when my mom and dad found out that the old furnace was no longer viable. My mom and dad knew the time was coming, because the electric bills were becoming unreasonable. It used to cost a few hundred dollars to heat the house during the winter, but my mom and dad have been paying almost $500 these days. I knew it was a problem, and suggested an energy audit from the local heating and air conditioning store. When my parents had the energy audit completed, they found out that the furnace needed to be replaced. The old thing furnace had more problems than a car with three tires. My parents replaced the furnace on that same day, and purchased a brand new energy-efficient electric heating Appliance. Last week, the furnace stopped working during the night. My parents woke up and the house was freezing cold. The heating and air conditioning contractor came out to fix the furnace, and told my parents it was a fluke. Yesterday, the furnace stopped working again. It’s a brand new furnace, so I don’t understand why they are having so many problems. I’m glad the machine is under a warranty, but I don’t feel very good about the product. I’m concerned that these issues might be a sign of a defective product. My parents paid a lot of money for the new furnace. I hope they didn’t end up with a furnace that will eventually be recalled.