I was working so hard

In my profession, I am known as the furnace whisper. I get called when a furnace is deemed unusable. I am the second opinion guy, if you will. Last month, I received an interesting call from a large office building downtown. The fortune 500 company wanted to make some changes to their heating system.  They actually got my number from their building contractor, who was one of my regular customers. I was surprised, when they called. They asked me to look at the heating system, and give some ideas on ways to make it more efficient. That’s when I found out that they were interested in using geothermal energy to power the furnace. I was intrigued, when they mentioned geothermal energy. We don’t get many requests for that type of sophisticated heating and air conditioning equipment, and I was excited to see exactly what they had in mind. I spent several hours looking at their heating equipment, in order to determine if the geothermal energy was viable. I think the building will do well, if they choose to switch to a geothermal heating source. I already offered to oversee the project, and I think they will take that offer. They liked all of my ideas, and they were ready to make some big decisions. The building is going to start a rehab project in the next few months, and that’s when they will make the heating system upgrades. The project will take several days, and there are a lot of moving pieces to the project. It will take a team of engineer to set up this intricate geothermal heating and air conditioning device.

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