This is pretty smart

We all know if you want to find the cheapest quality items for the cheapest prices, you visit a big box store. You know the kind, I won’t identify them by name, where the store is bigger than a football field, but they only have 2 cashiers working. I have shopped there more times than I can count, but now I am trying to do my best and support local businesses. A self run company can give you customer service light years beyond what you find in a major franchise. To be honest, part of my rationale is that now I am a business owner myself, so if I want local folks to support my HVAC repair shop, I need to support them too. I have been visiting all the locally run businesses I can lately, offering each owner a free HVAC inspection with no hidden catch. I want them to know that we can all support each other, and that I will give them a discount on HVAC repairs if they go with me. If they don’t do business with me, that is okay too I will still give them a free heating and cooling inspection as an act of good faith. It may take a little time, but putting in the work to secure their HVAC business will eventually lead my business to greater heights. No business is made overnight, but if I can cultivate a core of business support for my HVAC services it will go a long way towards establishing me in this town, so wish me luck!

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