The worst brother of the year

Last week when my partner and I came home from vacation, we were actually excited to come back. It was a great vacation, but it was also a very long time away from our house. We left my younger brother to watch over the house while we were gone with a set of instructions to follow each day. He was supposed to take out the trash, walk the two dogs, and make sure to scrub out our brand new HVAC heating and cooling units. My brother has always been a very lazy person who doesn’t like to follow orders, but I had paid him a decent wage so I was surprised to find out that he did none of these things. The dogs had used the house as their personal bathroom, and the HVAC heating and cooling unit had not been cleaned once. When I went to check up on the HVAC unit I came to find out that a small amount of mold had built up inside of the unit! This can be very dangerous to the people living in the house, and can even lead to long term illnesses. As my partner and I were going through and finding all of these problems, my brother tried to slip out of the door without saying anything. I made sure he didn’t leave, and I made sure that no matter what the HVAC repair bill ends up costing us, the money will be coming out of his bank account. You can bet your bottom dollar that he will never be invited to our house again no matter how long it is for.

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