Air purifier keeps allergies at bay

I’m so grateful to live in a household where people are so kind and understanding. Currently I share a rental home with two other roommates. The house itself is a nice duplex, with a really great furnace and even decent AC units throughout the home. However, since we don’t have central AC, we can’t get a household method of relieving the things that set my allergies off. We have one cat and one dog, and while I love them both they also make my allergies get really, really bad.

                I purchased a small air purification system for my bedroom, which at least helps my sleep at night. If I stay in my room while my symptoms are pretty bad, I can usually find relief without having to take the meds that make me feel drowsy and gross. The downside is then I can’t see my roommates as much. Well, they were nice enough to use a but of their holiday bonuses to buy another air purification system for the kitchen and living room of the house.

              This air purifier is a whole lot bigger than mine, and a great deal more powerful. It even has three levels of air cleaning, whereas mine only has two. The downstairs air purifier has the dual layer HEPA and charcoal air filter system that mine does, which allows it to remove pet dander and even mold spores. It also has a UVC light that kills bacteria in the air when its on, which is awesome when someone in the house gets sick. With the new air purifier, I’m breathing better than ever.

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