Benefit of colder weather – free AC

Throughout the entire summer, we abuse the crap out of our air conditioning system. I can’t help it; I simply have no tolerance for heat and humidity in my living space. The issue isn’t so much that we are combatting the intense afternoon heat, trying to keep the house extremely cool as the blaring summer sun pounds down on the black roof. No, the bigger issue for me is getting my bedroom to be cold enough at night for me to fall asleep. I am damned with terrible insomnia, and adding any extra heat and humidity to the mix only exacerbates my issues 10 times over. That’s why I’m obsessed with operating the central cooling system at a high level at night, and keep a separate AC unit installed in my bedroom to assist with the whole process. It’s not a cheap way to sleep, and I feel very guilty for my particular sleeping specifications. That’s why I honestly look forward to the brutally low temperatures of winter at times. As much as I hate having to go outside and live a normal life bundled up in layers, fighting against the falling snow and frigid windchill, I love how it feels to fall asleep in the winter. There is nothing more comfortable or restful to me than climbing into a cold bed and slowly using my own body heat to create a snuggly warm environment beneath the blankets. If I ever happen to get too overheated, I don’t have to feel bad about turning down the thermostat to cool off my room more. In fact, I can get my own fix of “AC” in about one second flat if I just go and open a window. Winter isn’t all bad.

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