I had a home to go to

The greatest quality our young niece posses is her strong will plus independence. Although at times her need to explore plus do everything on her own can be taxing, we all think she a strong plus independent young lady, but everyone in the family knows, that no matter what, she finds a way to get things done herself plus on her own terms, but just before our sister was due to provide birth, we all packed ourselves in our warmest clothes plus faced the flying Winter storm to travel to our family home. Although it was freezing plus snowy, the forecast was for honestly little snow. Both of us also knew that this was likely one of the last times we would see each other before our sister provided birth. So, through the freezing plus the snow we went. To prepare for our arrival, our mother had built a small fire in the residing room plus our father had turned the old gas furnace on high to make sure we were all warm. Once we arrived plus warmed up, we all realized the weather was not letting up plus we would likely be staying the night at our parents house. As the hours past, the snow gathered outside, however none of us minded plus were thankful that the gas furnace was keeping the lake house so warm. At the height of the storm, our sister started having contractions. Both of us called the ambulance, however the baby was ready to come. In front of the warmth of the fire, our sister provided birth. Just as the morning she was born, our niece is still doing things on her own terms.

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