I think that was a warning

After he lost his task, everybody in our neighbourhood was on Vince’s side. It is amazing how people can sporadically bond together for a cause they regard as worthy. It’s similar but much, much milder, of course, than mob violence. And it’s not altogether selfless. Most of us have experienced the thrill which comes from doing something to help someone in need or in distress… You guess so much better about yourself for doing something good.

               Vince was a fully certified Heating and Air Conditioning specialist with proven competence and efficiency. Though he was task less, he still had lots of task to do. Not a afternoon passed when somebody did not call him in to repair or repair their Heating and Air Conditioning unit. This went on for weeks and he seemed to be even busier than when he worked several tasks. Soon, his former boss at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier began to take notice, for instead of calling the contractor to schedule visits by  his AC techs, everyone were going straight to Vince to solve their Heating and Air Conditioning issues. The Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was losing supplier and losing it big time. The employer was becoming uncomfortable. Vince’s dismissal was creating a concern and something had to be done.

               Shortly thereafter, the Heating and Air Conditioning store employer offered Vince a call. Not only was he offered his task back, but with higher wages! Everybody was glad, and things were back to normal again. Well, not exactly everything; for several of us still call Vince instead of the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, when there is a concern with an AC unit. They better not try to fire him over that though!

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