Surprise party

All throughout our childhood, my father would always throw a massive surprise party for my mother on her birthday. She always knew it was coming, and always pretended to be surprised, and it was always a really great party. Now that we are all grown and have families of our own, my siblings and I have tried to keep that spirit alive. Every year on our mother’s birthday we always meet up somewhere (it changes every time) and throw a huge party to celebrate the lives of our parents. If this sounds maudlin or melancholy at all, it is quite the opposite! This year we had a bit of a hitch when the central HVAC system stopped working out of nowhere. The system was actually about 15 years old, so it should not have been such a surprise, but neither the AC nor the heating had showed any problems recently. Since there were about fifteen of us there altogether, we decided it was worth it to call in an HVAC specialist to give us an estimate of price and time. The guy gave us a very reasonable price estimate, to them informed us he had a backlog of HVAC repairs and it would take a few days to get to ours. This was no acceptable, as we were only there for a few days, so we needed to find an alternate source of cooling. We went to a local big box store, and bought the smallest, most powerful air conditioning unit we could find to hook up in the main room of the house.

cooling system