Heat in the reptile rooms

My wife absolutely loves the zoo. She could spend all day watching the gorillas play in their enclosure. Our Zoo has a very nice display of white rhinos, African elephants, and even several species of antelope. We have season passes to the zoo, so we can go anytime. I don’t prefer to go during the summer months, because the temperatures are always too hot and humid. Even the animals seem lethargic, and the high temperatures often have them indoors. They close the zoo if the temperatures are too high, in order to keep all of the animals inside in the air conditioning. My wife suggested going to the zoo last month, and I thought it was a great idea. The new Buffalo exhibit opened up, and I was excited to see everything. I thought the temperatures would be chilly, but I didn’t anticipate freezing weather. We left the house, thinking that the temperatures would warm up like normal. I wore a light jacket and my wife wore a sweatshirt. We were cold the whole day. We kept dipping into the reptile rooms, because they had heat. There are three different reptile rooms located throughout the zoo. Each one of them are equipped with a climate control system that has heat and air conditioning. My wife and I were happy to spend a few extra minutes looking at the cobras, constrictors, and amphibians. The heated area felt really nice, and made the day and cold temperatures bearable. My wife and I managed to have a pretty nice time at the zoo, despite the freezing cold temperatures. Later that evening, we had to turn on the heat for the first time this season.

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