Lucky to be alive – carbon monoxide poisoning

For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling a little bit off lately. It is really hard to explain the feeling, but I have had a constant headache and I feel really light headed. I can’t quite figure out what might be going on so I decided to go to my doctor for a check up. My doctor told me to look around my house and see if there is anything that looks like it could be producing toxins in the air. I really didn’t know what I was looking for, but the air seemed fine to me. However, I know this could be a more serious issue, so I decided to call a local HVAC company to come over and service my HVAC system just to be sure that nothing serious is going on. When the HVAC technician came over to the house, right away I could tell something was wrong. He went over to my HVAC unit and asked me when was the last time I changed my air filter. I honestly couldn’t remember, so that is what I said. He told me that because the air filter was so clogged that somehow carbon monoxide was being released into my home. He said if I had waited any longer to call him then I would have had a major problem on my hands. I am so glad that I went ahead and made the appointment with the HVAC technician and I promised myself I would be better going forward.

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